Weekly Actions 1/31/2017

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  • Have your Senators issued statements in opposition to the Muslim ban? Check the list below to find out. If yes, call to thank them. If no, demand to find out why and voice your opposition.
  • Ask them to support the bills Senator Feinstein and others will introduce in Congress this week that rescind DT’s executive order on the ban and give the power back to Congress.
  • Donate to the National Immigration Law Center and the ACLU. They need our support more than ever. Also continue attending protests in your area.


Is your bank involved in funding construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline? Check the list below to find out. Join the thousands who have moved their money from these banks and found better alternatives. In addition, tell the Army Corps of Engineers that their Environmental Impact Statement must consider environmental justice, safe drinking water, tribal rights, and alternative routes, among other important issues.


Blue State Senators might be saying all the right things, but how much are they really fighting back? Encourage them to be more proactive by using a Senate protocol of withholding consent to block and delay cabinet confirmations and legislation, and solicit their support to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee whose views do not support the rights of women, Muslims, people of color, and the LGBTQ community (aka upholding the constitution).

While Senators on both sides of the aisle (from Elizabeth Warren to John McCain) have spoken publicly against this ban, it is not clear what they will actually do to address this. Though unlikely to pass in a Republican-run congress, a handful of bills are being introduced by Democratic Senators.


(1)Urge your Senators to support these bills. Remind them that in defying the stay issued by a Federal Judge, DT is ignoring the limits of the Constitution. Check here to see whether your Senators have taken a position.


Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I’m very upset by the executive order banning Muslims and I would like to know the Senator’s position on this. (Get a response).

If against the ban: Thank you for speaking out. I would like to ask Senator _____ to co-sponsor the bills Democrats like Senator Feinstein and Senator Murphy are introducing which rescind the executive order and give the power to secure our borders back to Congress. Will the Senator support these bills? What else will the Senator do to take leadership against this executive order?

If in favor of the ban or noncommittal: I am appalled at this basic denial of human rights. Several of the people in question are refugees fleeing war. Many of them are women and children. It is unconstitutional and immoral to base a discrimination policy against an entire religion, and the president is clearly showing his lack of ethics by excluding countries in which he has personal business dealings from the ban. Furthermore, this has been condemned by politicians on both sides of the aisle, including Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and during the election season, several Republicans went on record opposing this idea. To not oppose it now reflects poorly on Senator _____’s willingness to uphold the will of the majority of the American people who demonstrated against this in huge numbers this weekend. I hope that the Senator will change (his/her) mind and speak out for a more sensible vetting policy.

(2)Donate to the National Immigration Law Center. Like the ACLU, the NILC is working on fighting this issue.


(3)Find and attend a protest happening near you. Check here for events.

Another disturbing executive order DT signed this week revived the Keystone and DAPL pipelines. However, this fight is far from over. The order declared these environmentally harmful pipelines in the national interest and suggested that the Army Corps of Engineers forego the environmental impact statement (EIS) that it was ordered to conduct by the Obama administration, but as of this moment, the EIS will be conducted and the public is invited to submit comments regarding its scope. Environmentalists are also fighting back, in part, by having moved more than $50 million from banks that are financially supporting DAPL. Here’s what you can do:


(1) Participate in DeFund DAPL: There’s a special campaign this week (Jan. 30-Feb. 3) to move your money out of banks that support the pipeline and put pressure on these banks to withhold funds from the project. See details here.


(2) Submit a comment to the Army Corps of Engineers, who have invited the general public to submit comments regarding the scope of their environmental impact statement (issues, concerns, and alternatives that should be considered) until February 20th. They have even set up a specific contact number for the Dakota Access Pipeline (202-761-8700) – they want to hear from you! If you prefer, you can also submit a public comment online. Here’s a great template to use for your letter and/or call – put in your info and click “Start Writing” to view.


Several people have expressed concern about the usefulness of calling their blue state Senators, who are often already on our side. But are these senators doing everything they can? According to the article below from the Washington Post (shared by the Indivisible Guide) the Senate could be a lot more forceful in stopping DT’s agenda by “withholding consent.” If a single senator withholds consent, the majority leader must resort to “time-consuming procedural steps through the cloture process,” which could add days of delay to advancing any piece of legislation and make it more difficult for Trump to push through dangerous bills and people.


This strategy is especially important in light of the Supreme Court vacancy. We need to urge our Senators to withhold consent for anyone nominated who will not commit to upholding voting rights and supporting the constitutional rights of women, the LGBTQ community, and people of color. The same goes for Trump’s dangerous cabinet picks. A “no” vote isn’t enough: our Senators need to do everything in their power to block dangerous legislation and nominations.


[For those of you in blue states]: Read and share this article. Then call your Senator.

Hi, My name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I appreciate Senator _____’s positions on_____, but I’m wondering why (he/she) has not exercised the Senate protocol of withholding consent in order to delay some of the controversial legislation and cabinet confirmations and I’d like to urge the Senator to work with other Democrats to ensure that someone is withholding consent at all times when it comes to these dangerous nominations and legislation. Furthermore I’d like to urge the senator to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee who is not on record as supporting the rights of all voters as well as rights of women, LGBTQ and people of color. Will the Senator go on record promising to filibuster these nominees?