Weekly Actions: December 11, 2017

Action 1: Don’t let the President fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller


Action 2: Urge your MoCs to vote against the tax scam–up for a second vote after conference committee


Action 3: Submit public comments and urge your MoCs to take action on preserving the Clean Power Plan and other key environmental issues. 

Action 1: Don’t let the President fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Now that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, the stakes in the Russia investigation have taken a new turn, with speculation that Flynn’s testimony will implicate members of Trump’s inner circle. The New York Times lists ten key takeaways from recent events, including a much clearer possibility that the President could be charged with obstruction of justice, complicated by his recent tweet (supposedly written by his lawyer) that he fired Flynn for lying to the FBI.


While the President has insisted that Flynn’s plea concerns information already known and that he has nothing to hide, it is still quite possible that he could try to fire Special Counsel Mueller if more potentially incriminating details start getting revealed. There is already a measure introduced by conservatives in Congress calling for Mueller’s resignation. But there are also two bi-partisan bills proposed that protect the integrity of the investigation. They need to move out of committee and be voted on ASAP.




  • Call your MoCs: Tell them to support S. 1735 and S. 1741/HR 3771 and advocate for a quick vote to make sure that Mueller and the investigation are protected. (See script below.)
  • If Mueller is fired, take part in massive protests: MoveOn.org is organizing rapid-response actions all over the country to make sure the president understands that no one is above the law.  Scheduled protests will happen IF Mueller is fired. Check for a protest in your area here and consider creating an event if there isn’t one listed.
  • For more information and resources: check out the Indivisible Guide.


BILLS: S1735 Special Counsel Independence Protection ActS 1741/HR 3771 Special Counsel Integrity Act


SCRIPT: Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I’m concerned that the president will try to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, in light of recent developments in his investigation. I’d like to ask Sen. Rep._____ to support S 1735, the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act, and S 1741/HR 3771, The Special Counsel Integrity Act to prevent this from happening. We need clear answers as to the extent with which the president and his administration may or may not have been involved in illegal activity and obstruction of justice. Please ask Sen./Rep._____ to urge his/her colleagues to get these bills out of committee and onto the floor to make sure that the integrity of this investigation is protected and to avoid a potential Constitutional crisis.


Action 2: Urge your MoCs to vote against the tax scam–up for a second vote after conference committee


Now that the Senate and the House have passed different versions of the tax bill, it needs to go through conference committee, where a final version will be developed. This bill will then have to pass both the House and the Senate one more time. This buys us some time to keep fighting: we can hold onto hope if we keep raising our voices. This tax plan is hugely unpopular. The more people find out about the tax plan, the more they realize that only the rich are benefitting. Furthermore, the Republicans have made it clear that they intend to pay for the addition to the deficit by cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other entitlement programs in 2018, programs the president promised not to cut when he campaigned for office.


The bill passed in the Senate in the middle of the night by the slimmest of majorities –  51-49. The final bill, unread by most of the Senators, with pencilled additions scribbled in the margins, is filled with glitches and other ways to game the system. Two Senators, Susan Collins (R-ME) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) made deals with majority leader Mitch McConnell to assure Obamacare cost reduction payments (Collins) and protect DACA (Flake). Neither of these positions will be supported by conservatives in the House. Therefore, while these are both issues to work for, their deals are meaningless, and they should not be trading false assurances at the expense of poor, working class, and middle class families who will lose “bigly” in this blatant and immoral transfer of wealth to rich corporations. Every member of Congress should hear loud and clear that we do not want tax breaks to those who need them least to be paid for by cutting crucial services for those who need them most.


Republicans have tried to counter these arguments by insulting the poor as lazy and reckless and by promising that these tax cuts will lead to more American jobs. But recent analysis by the Brookings Institute reveals that the new plan is likely to lead to even more offshoring. 


Another talking point for people in urban areas is the elimination of the SALT (State and Local Tax) deduction, which caused 13 Republican congresspeople from New York, New Jersey, and California to vote against the original bill. These people should be thanked, urged to continue to oppose the legislation, and to reach out to their colleagues to oppose the plan.


To learn about the many other odious provisions in the tax bill, see our posts on November 6,  November 13, and November 27.




  • Contact your MoCs. Click here to find out how your Congressperson voted and here to see how your Senator voted. If they voted against the bill, thank them and urge them to continue to oppose it. If they voted in favor, ask them to consider changing their vote. If your Senator is a Republican, check out Indivisible’s calling script here.
  • Reach out to progressive people in states with key Republican Senators and ask them to call and express their concerns. Use Indivisible’s calling tool here.
  • Contact Senator Chuck Grassley (202-224-3744) and ask him to publicly apologize for his insult. If you have a personal story to share, let him know.
  • Attend – or work with a local group to organize – a protest. Details on finding or organizing events are here.
  • Contact your governor. Pressure from governors played a key role in stopping the repeal of the ACA.
  • Write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper.


Hi, my name is_____and I’m calling from _____. I strongly oppose the tax bill and ask that you vote against the new version that emerges from conference committee. Recent polls show that this is an unpopular bill, supported by less than a third of the American people. Most people will ultimately see their taxes increase after the first few years. This bill adds to the deficit; it was not written for the benefit of the American people, but primarily to benefit corporations, and it was worked on by over 6000 lobbyists. It is clearly a transfer of wealth to those who need it least, and recent analysis from the Brookings Institution shows that it is likely to increase off-shoring rather than generating more jobs in the United States. Furthermore, I am extremely concerned and disgusted that this will be used to cut entitlement programs. I will be watching the Sen./Rep.’s vote very closely on this issue. 






Action 3: Submit public comments and urge your MoCs to take action on preserving the Clean Power Plan and other key environmental issues. 

Rogan’s List reports that according to the Center for Biological Diversity,  “In the first 10 months of the 115th Congress, Republicans have introduced more than 80 bills that attack public lands, weaken environmental safeguards on those lands or turn over control to states and local governments. These attacks come despite the fact that the vast majority of voters across political parties support protecting and maintaining forests, national parks, monuments and other public lands and waters.”


Climate change is costing us billions in taxpayer money, and it must be addressed. As if pulling out of the Paris accord wasn’t enough, here are just a few of the ways the administration is continuing to harm environment.






  • Submit public comments:
    • Public comments on the EPA’s plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan are now being solicited. Click on the link here.
    • For resources on how to comment on this and other public environmental regulations, check out this guide.
    • For general information on resisting the EPA’s dangerous deregulatory agenda, check out the SAVE EPA website.
  • Call your MoCs and ask them to do the following:
    • Support S. 1624 and H.R. 3380, bills that would ban chlorpyrifos
    • Work to preserve all our national monuments in their entirety and prevent drilling in the Arctic.
    • (Senate) Oppose the confirmation of Michael Dourson
    • (Senate) Oppose HR 3905; keep the Boundary Waters Protected. More information is available here.
  • Ourenvironment.org is collecting personal stories on why the environment is critical to you. Share yours here.
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council has a list of other quick and easy environmental actions. To get your emails taken seriously, please edit the standard text and the subject line.

BILLS: HR 3905S. 1624/H.R. 3380


The most effective thing you can do is to pick up the phone,
but if you’re short on time, you can leave your MoC a message below.