Weekly Actions: June 6, 2017

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ACTION 1: Ask your governor, mayor, state and municipal reps. to sign onto state and municipal pacts to honor the Paris agreement.

ACTION 2: Shame businesses and MoCs who have not taken a stand. Thank those who have.

ACTION 3: Support environmental groups and take local climate actions.

The global consensus that Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris agreement was monumentally misguided appears nearly as strong as the almost universal consensus among climate scientists concerning the urgency of climate change. Trump’s claims have been thoroughly repudiated:

And US cities, states and companies are pledging to meet the Paris commitments despite Trump. So far, 9 governors (including two Republicans), 211 mayors representing 54 million people, and several prominent businesses have vowed to honor the Paris agreement. If you live in NY, CA, OR, MA, VT, RI, CT, WA, or HI, call and thank your governor for stepping up to the plate. If you live in any other state, check your governor’s record on environmental issues, and then use the script below to convince your governor to join the states that are taking leadership on this issue. Remind your governor that nearly 70 percent of Americans, including majorities in every state, support staying in the Paris agreement.


  • Call your governor, state senators, and municipal officials.

Script: Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I want to ask Governor/Rep./Mayor _____ to join the 9 states/211 municipalities that have currently signed onto the Paris agreement. Climate change is an issue that impacts every one of us, and we need to put the long-term future of the planet before the short-term interests of fossil fuel companies. Nearly 70 percent of Americans — including majorities in each state — support staying in the Paris agreement, and we need to step up to the plate to make sure that we work with the international community on reducing carbon emissions.


Prior to Trump’s reckless decision, 22 U.S. Senators, all recipients of huge cash inflows from the oil and gas industry, signed a joint letter to the president urging him to withdraw. So did Speaker Paul Ryan, a move that led nearly half of a group of eighth graders to refuse to pose with him. If your senator(s) are on this list, they need to hear from you. Also, members of DT’s business advisory council need to know that you want them to follow the lead of Elon Musk (Tesla) and Bob Iger (Disney) who resigned from Trump’s CEO Advisory Council in light of the decision to pull out of the Paris agreement. In addition, we can work to convince Tesla, Disney, and other businesses who have gone on record as supporting the Paris agreement to follow the lead of former NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who recently announced that he would fund a large part of the U.S.’s share of the Paris Climate Agreement.


  • Call your MoCs: If your Senator is on this list, call them. If your senator is not on the list, reach out to people you know who are constituents in these states and urge them to call. Also research your Congressperson’s position on the Paris Agreement. If they haven’t issued a statement in opposition to Trump’s decision, they need to hear from you. See script below.
  • Contact Members of Trump’s Advisory Council: Here is a Wall-of-Us list of the contact information for businesses on Trump’s advisory council, as well as their positions on the issue. Alternatively, you could use this Daily Action calling tool to get immediately connected.
  • Say Thanks: Extend your gratitude to Tesla, Disney, and these 28 major U.S. companies who signed a letter urging Trump not to pull out of the Paris agreement. Urge them to join with Mayor Bloomberg in contributing to fund the United States’ commitment to the World Green Climate Initiative. You can get details on how to contact individual CEOs through this website.

Script (for MoCs): Hi, my name is _____ and I’m a constituent calling from _____. I am shocked that Sen._____ urged the President not to stay in the Paris Agreement. Nearly 70 percent of Americans support staying in the Paris agreement. This is a vital matter that affects every single-one of us on the planet. I hope that Sen. _____ will reconsider his/her position on this crucial issue, and stop putting the profits of fossil fuel companies before the health and welfare of the people that elected him/her.

Script (for businesses on advisory council): Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I’m calling to ask that you please show that your business cares about climate change, even if the president doesn’t by following the lead of Disney and Tesla and leaving the President’s Strategic Advisory Forum.

Script (for businesses that supported the Paris agreement): Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I’m calling to say thank you for taking a stand and urging the President to remain in the Paris agreement. Please join with former Mayor Bloomberg in showing that your business will take the lead in fighting climate change by donating some of your profits toward funding the U.S. Commitments to the World Green Climate Initiative.



  • Continue to fight for strong local action on climate change: For details, click here for three specific local actions you can take.
  • Donate:
    • Earthjusice.org: Since many environmental battles are won in the courts, Earthjustice does for the planet what the ACLU is doing for civil liberties.
    • 350.org: Leading the charge for 100% renewables and divestment from fossil fuels.
    • Environmental Integrity Project: a nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog organization that advocates for effective enforcement of environmental laws. It is currently suing the Trump administration regarding the EPA’s rollback of methane regulations.


The most effective thing you can do is to pick up the phone,
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