Weekly Actions: May 15, 2017

Click on each action for details and scripts:

ACTION 1: Keep asking for an independent special prosecutor to investigate Trump/Russia/election connections

ACTION 2: Denounce the faux Voter Fraud Commission and keep working to improve voting access for all.

ACTION 3: Limit Trump’s ability to launch a first-strike nuclear attack.

We won’t spend too much time repeating what you already know. Suffice it to say that the timing of the firing of FBI Director Comey smells pretty fishy, as does the Justice Department’s continued refusal to appoint a special prosecutor. This refusal to investigate poses a grave threat to the principles of our democracy, principles that Trump has publicly threatened, calling the Constitution an archaic document that is bad for the country. If you need more background before taking action, read the open letter to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein by the NY Times editorial board, which discusses these grave threats to the democratic process. Indivisible guide also has excellent resources here. Finally, read this article for a great explanation of the differences between an independent investigation, a Congressional investigation, and a special prosecutor.


  • Call your MoCs (script below): First, see where they stand.
  • Call the Department of Justice: Use this script from 5calls.org
  • Contact House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Reports from Rogan’s list state that McConnell’s office, at least, is receptive to calls from outside voters (and you can remind him that as Senate Majority Leader, his role impacts all Americans, not just those in his state.) Keep the message simple: if he continues to refuse the push for a special prosecutor, he risks his own credibility by appearing complicit in the investigation. Ryan has a notorious reputation for not taking feedback–his voice mailbox is generally full, so some people have resorted to sending postcards to Speaker Paul Ryan, 20 South Main Street, Suite 10, Janesville, WI 53545
  • Contact the Judiciary Committee: Some groups are also advising people to call all the members of the Judiciary Committee to emphasize the need for a special prosecutor. (Capitol Switchboard number is listed below.) While it’s not clear whether these senators will count calls from out of state, please at the very least make sure to reach out to constituents and ask them to call. It’s also worth calling the Judiciary committee’s main line at 202-224-5225

Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I’m very concerned about the latest developments related to the firing of James Comey as they seem to signal an obstruction of justice that is threatening to erode the foundations of our democracy and cause me to lose confidence in our government.
[Here is a list of actions your MoCs can publicly demand. If they’ve done some of these, make sure to thank them! Then urge them to go further.]

  1. Appoint a special prosecutor and a bi-partisan independent 9/11 style commission with subpoena power to investigate Trump, his businesses, and his administration’s and advisor’s ties to Russia. (Congressional committees run by the GOP have not proven themselves distant and independent enough to do this work.)
  2. Approve only a new FBI director who is assured to operate independently and not under the thumb of the White House.
  3. Demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign since he violated the terms of his recusal by ostensibly recommending to the President that Comey be fired.
  4. Call for former FBI director Comey, AG Sessions, and Deputy AG Rosenstein to testify publicly before Congress so that the American public can know the circumstances that led to Comey’s firing.
  5. (Dem. Senator) Block business as usual until an independent commission and a special prosecutor is appointed. (GOP Senator) Show that you are putting the interests of your country before the interests of your party by assuring that justice is not obstructed. Until you join the call for an independent investigation, you are being perceived as complicit in the cover-up.


In yet another attempt to distract (and please don’t be distracted – in addition to this week’s actions, it’s important to keep making calls about healthcare, discussed in last week’s post), DT launched a commission this week to investigate alleged issues of voter fraud. As a point of fact, there is no evidence to support his false accusations. Out of the 137.7 million votes cast in the 2016 election, there was only one case of alleged voter fraud. Yet, Trump is determined to spend our taxpayer money to try and support his lies.

Worse yet, the commission is being headed by Kris Kobach, whose past history of voter suppression has led the ACLU to investigate. To put it bluntly, this commission is not about addressing fraud. It’s about suppressing voter rights, which, like his attempts at covering up the Russia investigation, represents a clear and present danger to our democracy.