Weekly Actions: November 6, 2017

Action 1: VOTE! Be an active participant in democracy by voting in local elections on November 7!

Action 2: Tell your MoCs to vote against the GOP tax plan, which is a huge transfer of wealth to corporations and the affluent.

Action 3: Support passage of the Dream Act of 2017.

Action 1: VOTE! Be an active participant in democracy by voting in local elections on November 7!

Don’t wait until next year’s midterm elections to show your dissatisfaction with the administration’s current political agenda. Take action now and vote in your local elections. (1 in 3 Americans has an election coming up on November 7th!)


Your vote is crucial, as many important issues are decided at the state and local levels: municipalities can declare themselves as sanctuary cities; local and state bodies can enact effective sustainability actions; states can sue the administration on constitutional violations of civil rights issues; state legislatures have the power to craft voting regulations and draw the lines for voting districts.





 Action 2: Tell your MoCs to vote against the GOP tax plan, which is a huge transfer of wealth to corporations and the affluent.

The House GOP Tax plan is out. According to a detailed report by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center (TPC), this bill would mostly benefit the highest-income households, in dollar and percentage terms. And corporations? Well, they win too with $1.0 trillion in tax cuts coming from a permanent reduction in the corporate rate cut (to 20 percent, from 35 percent). Moreover, the bill is forecasted to raise the federal deficit by at least $7.0 trillion over the next decade and $20.7 trillion over the next 20 years (so much for Republican posturing about fiscal responsibility). It takes little imagination to figure out what this would mean for social services in the years to come, which are mostly relied upon by lower-income households.


On average, those of us not in the 1% would also see some tax reductions, but don’t get too excited. The lowest income bracket would raise to 12 percent, from 10 percent, and according to the NYT Editorial Board, “While there are a few peanuts thrown at lower-income and middle-class families, many people of modest means who take advantage of deductions and credits for things like housing, state and local taxes, medical expenses and education costs could end up paying more in taxes.” And according to TPC researcher, Howard Gleckman, “Many middle-income households are likely to pay more under this plan, not less.


As for Donald Trump himself and his ilk, well, they’ll benefit bigly from this bill. According to CBS News MoneyWatch, “many of the provisions in the proposal will help President Donald Trump’s businesses and boost his personal income.” Seth Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress (who issued a statement calling this bill a “scam”) claims, “It’s almost as if this bill was written by Donald Trump’s accountant.”


And don’t get sucked into the argument that we need corporate tax breaks to stimulate the economy. NYT Pulitzer prize winning columnist Paul Krugman reminds us that “Predictions that tax cuts will lead to rapid economic growth have been wrong time and again. And by large margins, voters want taxes on corporations and the wealthy to go up, not down.” Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has also released a video that clearly dispels the “economy stimulating” argument and articulates why the bill is not good policy for anyone but CEOs and large corporate shareholders.



  • Call your MoCs: Persistent pressure prevented repeal of the ACA. The same is needed to prevent this tax plan from becoming law. If you know people who live in states with key swing senators, urge them to call too.
  • Follow the National Week of Action against the Tax Bill: November 6 – 12. Indivisible groups will be attending town halls, visiting district offices, hosting rallies, and more. Read here for more detail. Go here to find events near you.
  • Social Media: Use #TrumpTaxScam
  • Get the Facts Straight: FactCheck.org has compiled misstatements coming from both parties concerning the tax bill.


Reject Bill: HR 1, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


SCRIPT: Hi, my name is _____ and I’m calling from _____. I’m calling to state my strong opposition to HR 1, the current tax bill, as – according to analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, it privileges corporations and the wealthy over lower-income and middle-class families. This bill limits deductions and credits for things like housing, state and local taxes, medical expenses and education costs [if any of these directly affect you, tell a personal story].

I am also worried about this bill substantially raising the federal deficit (estimates are about $7.0 trillion over the next decade) and the impact this will have on social services that lower-income folks rely upon. I am saddened that once again, government seems to be putting the interests of Wall Street ahead of those of Main Street, and I urge you not to vote for this bill.



Action 3: Support passage of the Dream Act of 2017.

With US Citizenship and Immigration Services no longer accepting initial or renewal requests for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) due to Trump’s orders, the urgency of passing the Dream Act of 2017 has never been greater.

Just consider the recent story of Rosa Maria Hernandez,  a 10-year-old undocumented girl with cerebral palsy who was stopped by Border Patrol while in an ambulance on her way to emergency gallbladder surgery. Though she was allowed to continue to the hospital, she was afterwards separated from her parents and taken to a far away detention center. It goes without saying that this is not the kind of immigration system a civilized country should have, nor is detaining people like Rosa a good use of our taxpayer resources.


The discontinuation of DACA has opened a larger path for targeting young people like Rosa Maria Hernandez, who came to this country as children, to the only home they have ever known. While extensive advocacy finally resulted in getting Rosa released to her parents, we need to do more to protect Dreamers who suffer quietly and whose stories don’t make the news. We need to do more to prevent unnecessary detentions and deportations of innocent people, especially vulnerable children.


Support for continuing DACA is bipartisan and widespread. Recently, over 100 tech companies joined legal action initiated by several states against Trump for ending the program. However, what we need is a permanent fix through legislation, without strings (like the infamous border wall) attached.


You can read some of our past coverage on this issue here.





BILLS:  S. 1615: Dream Act of 2017 / H.R. 3440: Dream Act of 2017


SCRIPT (adapted from 5calls.org):

Hi, my name is  _____ and I’m calling from  _____. I’m calling to urge Senator/Rep _____ to take immediate action and pass the DREAM Act. Our DREAMers deserve legal status and a path to citizenship, and I expect Senator/Rep _____  to act swiftly to help the 800,000 people who relied on DACA for access to jobs, education, and security.




The most effective thing you can do is to pick up the phone,
but if you’re short on time, you can leave a message or video below.