Weekly Actions: September 5, 2017

ACTION 1: Stop police militarization at the state level.

Last week, we all called our MoCs and asked them to speak out about the dangers of Trump’s executive order, which allows the Department of Defense to transfer military equipment to the police. (Read more about the problems with this executive order, as explained by a retired police major, here.) This week, we’re asking you to fight this executive order at the state level, by asking your state to introduce legislation that prevents local police from receiving certain types of military equipment. This was done successfully in Montana, with legislation that can be used as a model for other states. (Read more about this here.)

Bills: HR 1556–Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act: To amend title 10, United States Code, to direct the Secretary of Defense to make certain limitations on the transfer of personal property to Federal and State agencies, and for other purposes.


  • Research: Go to the Project Muckrock website to see how much money your local police department has received from the Department of Defense and what it was used for. If you believe the equipment gained is inappropriate for the needs of your town, reach out to your local police chiefs and municipal representatives.
  • Call your state legislators: Ask them to introduce a bill similar to the Montana bill, which can be found here. You can find contact information for your state legislators here.
    To continue working on this issue on the federal level, use this 5calls script to contact the Department of Justice and also ask your MoCs to support legislation to stop militarizing law enforcement. HR 1556 the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act has already been introduced, and Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) has stated that he will introduce similar legislation in the Senate. Point out that this initiative already has bipartisan support.


ACTION 2: Don’t let Congress attach any amendments to spending bills that restrict Mueller’s investigations.

In response to the attempt to sabotage the Russia investigation by attaching an amendment that limits the time and scope of Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation to a spending bill, we are syndicating this important action from 5calls.org. In addition to calling the House Rules Committee main number, consider calling the individual members of the House Rules Committee, listed here, especially if one of them is your representative. Also, please reach out to people you know in these districts and ask them to call their reps.

ACTION 3: Take steps to counteract media silence on climate change.

Despite covering the catastrophic situation in Houston almost 24-hours a day, mainstream media channels have been virtually silent about its connection to climate change. In fact, it can be tempting to remain silent, lest one be accused of “politicizing the situation.” However, as author and activist Naomi Klein warns, silence at this point will only result in greater catastrophe, as – if we don’t examine the accelerants of this disaster – we won’t be able to take steps to prevent future calamities.
In the words of Klein, “Nobody is saying that climate change caused this storm [Harvey]. What we’re talking about are what are the superchargers of this storm, the accelerants that took what would have been a disaster, in any situation, and turned it into this human catastrophe.” She says now, in the midst of these flooding disasters, is the time to talk about climate change because it’s “precisely when the enormous human and economic costs of inaction are on full public display. If we fail, if we hesitate out of some misguided idea of what is and is not appropriate during a crisis, it leaves the door wide open for ruthless actors to exploit this disaster for predictable and nefarious ends.” (Watch Klein’s interview on Democracy Now/read her piece here.)
Let’s break the media bubble and talk about climate change within our circles.



The most effective thing you can do is to pick up the phone,
but if you’re short on time, you can leave your MoC a message below.